I Lost My Notebook

I scattered some plans in the wind
Caught in a moment forgot
Then rain ate some lines on a paper
Words I never recalled

I lost a friend’s second name
In the untraceable directories of childhood

And a white frock with flowers
To rain and sun and running colors

A blotted paper boat
Floating down a trickle stream of rain
I lost

And a forgotten umbrella
In the bus
Honking and absent

I lost
A pen to a stranger
Lid intact
And a carton full of attic treasures
Letters and candy wraps

I found
A sheaf of papers
On irretrievable thoughts

A phone number
Dangling mysteriously
A report card and a stopped watch

I found a key to a door demolished
And wisdom for a problem from the past

I found a feeling and lost a word
When I could not
I had found loss.

2 thoughts on “I Lost My Notebook

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