“The loneliness crawls out of a little bottle and envelopes my whole existence like a passive synonym of smoke. Emptiness has a method. Why is emptiness always quiet and addictive? The many worlds interact in fear and mundane threats of ostracization. Love is distant and unreachable like a grey sky devoid of prospective rain. The forces are fighting the puzzle to figure out the missing pieces of my existence in hope of regenerating the lost and broken parts. Everywhere is heart-wrenching peaceless silence.”

– An excerpt from my book in the making “The Loneliness Chronicles”

2 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. Yes, for many years I was trying to run away from the pain. Now, I am trying to sit with it and learn what it has to say. This book concentrates on the lonely moments.. I have other happy moments too. Thanks for caring! 🙂

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