Do Us Apart

“as long as there is memory, loss is never total…” ~ Shashi Deshpande

I am frozen
Thoughts might resurrect
And float like dandelion hope
Or just sleep
Like peaceful bones.

This is a different sleep
From the dream I began
Reality might fall in place
Altered, lucid
Permanently displaced.

Preoccupation –
This beautiful trap
The web and happy lies
Immunity to illegible voices
Sun burnt and faded memories

Remnants fall now and then
Like an ancient ache
Mere memories
From an impotent past
Laughable caricatures

These pearls
I hoped to count
When I grew wrinkles
But a lifetime with you
And everything is back
Sooner than I thought

That corner you promised
I still flicker there
Wherever you fly, fall, feel
I quiver in your neurons
Like a forgotten number.

One thought on “Do Us Apart

  1. “A mind which is not crippled by memory has real freedom” – J. Krishnamurti (Freedom from the known) there’s a counterqoute for you 🙂

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