I want to try an exercise in exerting my imagination. And in reconsidering the stereotypes that have ingrained themselves into my mind. For this reason. I will try and write about things I don’t know a thing about, places I have never been to and people I have never met. I will phrase the notions like facts. In this experiment, I will expose my ignorance and be vulnerable. I can be laughed at, be shocking, painful or simply annoying. I want to try this because this is how things happen inside my head.


Russia, my love. Women with scarves and rosy apple cheeks. Deadly winters and samovars boiling with tea. Wolves that howl into the dark nights. Emaciated, drunk and ugly peasants. Moscow with hushed secrets and desperate crime. Petersburgh with zombie men and foul-mouthed drunks. Tramps that sing and love the rain. Children that speak like poetry. Amazing minds that eat nothing for days and pick coal. The Volga that flows like the spinal cord of nostalgia. Ancient family dinners and carved meat. Snow and boots. Pain, disease, war and love. Beauty that overflows from sewers, graveyards, wounds and pallor. Inspiration that falls from the stars, breaks in the ice and explodes from the mines. Lost, suicidal aristrocrats. Ideals and dreams that coexist with poverty and heartbreaks. Animals that talk and emote. Naughty children like Mishka and Kolya. Beautiful women like Sofya and Alexandrovna. Names like Nadezhda that exist only in epics. Insanity and reality. Russia. I would have been so dead without you.

4 thoughts on “Wispy

  1. Russia eh? If you have voiced these very same thoughts in the 60s you would have been labeled a commie lover. In India, amongst the proletariat you would have welcomed with open arms. However, a large part of the society would have shunned you.

    I am just a bohemian at heart, wandering in the woods of concrete, treading the paths smoked with fumes, a soul lost in thought, drinking in the existential realities.

  2. You leave me speechless in admiration. This experiment is a winner. Have you read “A Grand Passion” by Mary Mackey? She was my professor for a writing class called Grandmother, Mother, Me. She went to Russia for a year to research the setting and characters in her book. You may enjoy it, though the last section was a bit of a let down. I asked her if she grew tired of writing, and she said the publishers insisted on that section, though she didn’t want to write it. Unfortunately her lack of enthusiasm showed. Even so, the first two parts of the book are wonderful. Keep up with your experimenting – it flows like silken threads passing through a coarse linen gown, making it more beautiful for you having been there.

  3. @Shrinath

    I love reading Gorky, Dostoevsky and Chekov and I do find some socialist ideas to be very acceptable. Che Guevara and Castro rock too! Nadezhda was Lenin’s wife’s name. So there! Maybe you’re right!

  4. @brokenpenwriter

    Your comment is so encouraging. I really appreciate it. I will try to read that book if I can get my hands on it. I love reading about Russia. I want to write about Morocco, Pattaya, Paris, Switzerland, Jews, Geishas, Samurais, monks and many more. Hope I can keep the flow! 🙂

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