The heart, honey, is unlike anything else. It sometimes splits and takes sides. The mind conspires along with the heart and paints exagerratedly beautiful versions of the past. The present then becomes a prison.

The heart gravitates towards what it interprets as affection. It cannot see right or wrong. The mind conspires along with the heart and justifies every move it makes.

The heart wants those places that appear in dreams – such dreams that make you feel like you have everything in the world that you ever wanted. The mind wants endorphins and nothing else.

Trust is resignation. It is a form of willingness to lose what matters the most to you. It is comparing all those failures from your past to what you have, and preparing yourself for the worst. There is no such thing called trust. If you claim to trust someone, you are probably hiding your inner battle. In my opinion, only losers trust. They trust and then they lose. Or they live in ignorant bliss.

As for me honey, I am vigilant. I would rather see which cliff I would fall over than be unpleasantly surprised. Trust kills like nothing else. It is the last blow you will ever remember.

5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Well…Does Heart really conspires with Mind? Hmmm… I feel, it is the Mind which plays game against the Heart. Heart knows what is right but Mind most of the times goes against it. Mind is governed by the senses but heart is governed by the soul.

    Trust is an inherent mechanism of evolution in the Nature.
    Vigilance is a must… Vigilance of our actions and others too.

    We have to be trustworthy, trusting and vigilant guided by heart (after all a person is know by his heart: kind-hearted, evil-hearted, soft-hearted, etc…).

    My take… 🙂

  2. The heart really cannot judge right or wrong… it makes someone go to those places where it feels safe, secure, and loved… at least mine does. 🙂

    The mind can evaluate and categorize and divide.

    I don’t believe in a soul. Except as a concept.

    If you say trust is an inherent mechanism of evolution… then circumstances and what people do to you can make that mechanism defunct like it has become in my case.

    I don’t want to be trustworthy but I surely won’t let anybody down… and I cannot be trusting.. mistrust is my default state.

    I think I will be known as cold-hearted. Lol! 🙂

  3. U r right Heart cannot judge (becoz it does not apply logic. It is mind’s job).

    Well, it is not the heart which makes us feel safe, secure and loved. It is sentiments (or emotions) which crave for safety, security and try to seek love. If we do not get any or all of these, our sentiments (or emotions) are hurt.

    We are not just some complex chemical composition of blood and flesh but “something more”. This “something more” u can call soul or life element or potential or current or energy. take this “something more” out from a body what remains…. we know.
    Therefore, soul can not be just a concept but “something more” 😛

    See, trust with vigilance and blind-trust are two different things. If we are not careful anyone and I REPEAT anyone will play with it. As u have cited ur own case… just circumspect … were u vigilant when ur trust was broken?

    I don’t want to be trustworthy but I surely won’t let anybody down… I agree with u.

    Well, well, well… at the end everything is words’ play… Surprisingly, ur post or our discussion here in some remote way triggered my inner consciousness to write Words, Words & Only Words Do I Have

  4. Well.. if I were to analyze it that deep, then everything can be simplified to chemical processes in the brain.. lol!

    I am not philosophical… I’m just romantic and that’s why I still make space for concepts like the heart and the mind.

    For me, trust in itself is blind otherwise there is no trust. I don’t understand trusting with vigilance.

    And I’m happy I inspired you to write something. I have seen your blog before but somehow I did not comment on any of your posts. Will do that sometime! Thanks for your long comment! 🙂

  5. “I don’t understand trusting with vigilance.”… I’ll give an example: my experience.

    My younger bro S was preparing for medical. Unfortunately, he could not crack any of the entrance exams. My cousin bro A told that his friend V can help us get a medical seat thru management quota and that too in 5L (just half of what was then current rate). I was directly involved in this dealing becoz my parents were too far away to come. I was not very comfortable with this kind of activity (as I have always believed in a straight forward path) but for bro’s sake I was ready to do. I trusted (which later turned out to be blind-trust) my cousin bro A therefore, I paid 5L to V without insisting on any proof of seat allotment from V. Then V could not be traced. When we started investigating, we came to know that he was a big time cheater.
    Now I know where things went wrong.

    Had I been little more vigilant I would have saved the money and the relationship with my cousin bro A (I do not know even now whether he was involved or was just a pawn in the hands of his friend V) and his family.

    Therefore, moral of the story is trust people but not to the extend that they can hurt us. 🙂

    (Another long comment… :P)

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