I’d rather be

This moment I’d rather be:

Walking down some rocky place in the hot sun

Looking at a book full of primary colors

Ploughing a paper with a sharp pencil

Wearing oversized shoes

Wearing oversized glasses

Wearing oversized watches

Biting into rubbery cheese

Collecting oozing red berries in a basket

Or disoriented beetles in a bottle

Chewing green unpalatable grass

Attempting a headstand in foam cushions

Wearing squeaking rainy sandals

or getting bitten by grit in my shoes

Swearing and wheezing for breath on a cycle

Palpitating without hope and lost

In an obnoxious night full of

Whisky-breathed strangers

Anxious and failing an exam

Hating a song in some pub

Fighting an overgrown garden

Deciphering an alien script

On the walls of a random bus

But here I am:

In a safe
and predictable place
Called “Office.”

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