Faking It

She: (Expecting some potential in him) So what is your biggest fantasy? 

He: (Lying..or not so much in touch with his feelings?) I don’t really have one.

She: (Persisting) Everyone does.

He: (Trying to invent something) Umm… maybe.. I do have one.

She: (Trying to sound unusual and unique) So what is it?

He: Well… (trying to sound very profound) umm.. I was a kid and.. you know everyone has dreams (she just said that)… and .. sometimes you meet people..uh.. who you don’t really get along with.. and then you meet some people who are interesting. For me, you know.. as far as I am concerned, I just talk to people who I think are interesting or human.

She: Human? As in? Humane?

He: (Darn.. how do I sound like those intellectuals do) You know.. like human being… like how they look like humans.

She: But everyone is a human being.

He: No there is more to it than the physicality.

She: (giving up mentally but still being polite) Well.. so … what is the dream?

He: (what would that intellectual say)(but still getting it wrong) Umm.. well..(becomes honest) I want to…

She: Be accepted?

He: What?

She: Is that why you make these long-winding conversations?

He: Probably.

She: (loses interest) (How do I end this conversation) Umm…


… and so it goes.

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