One Step

I climb twenty stairs twice a day. It takes me longer than most people to do this. This act of climbing stairs used to frighten me because it literally is an uphill task for me. As I wheezed my way up, my legs would turn into jelly and refuse to cooperate. Sometimes I get dizzy and sit down halfway up. Some days I get cramps afterwards. Then one day I decided to take one step at a time.

I named each step after a person who inspires me and who has battled/is battling tougher things than I ever have.

The first and second steps are for H.Ramakrishnan
The third and fourth steps are for Stephen Hawking
The fifth and sixth steps are for Helen Keller
The seventh and eighth steps are for Beethoven
The ninth and tenth steps are for Braille
The eleventh and twelfth steps are for Jorge Luis Borges
The thirteenth and fourteenth steps are for John Milton
The fifteenth and sixteenth steps are for my dear friend Vishnupriya Krishnan, dreamer, fighter, mother of two gorgeous kiids, all despite her cerebral palsy.
The seventeenth and eighteenth steps are for another friend Alphons Antony, survivor, fighter, who has been tied to  a wheelchair from the age of sixteen due to an unfortunate accident. 😦

And when I reach the ninteenth and twentieth steps they are easy enough to climb with all the inspiration from these amazing people. Tell me who inspires you to climb those difficult steps in your life?

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