And I Fell

I captured the little flecks of lightning in his green eyes as the hour wore on. And I remembered endless stretches of white sand I had seen in a dream once. And the gypsy and the lion under the moonlight. Then the damsel with the dulcimer. And the mystery of a breathing desert. At night.

The rain-soaked trees wept on. Cowering and trembling in the wind. Mist poured in through the hills like grey sunlight. I crawled into a little space. That corner of his heart which he had forgotten about. I was stealing its warmth unnoticed. I smiled.

I connected the stars that were sparks in my mind and named a constellation after him. The night crouched like a black dog outside my winddow as I slept. A purple nebula sprouted inside my eye lids as his image emerged. In an endless loop.

I listened to him in the mirror. His eyes spoke of many things that his lips would contradict. His fears swarmed in many shades in those irises. His lips would move and I would be lost. If I had been a tiny pair of pixie wings I would fly to him at night and meet those lips. In darkness.

My love was for the sunset. I saw the oranges blush into crimson and the treetops glowering at tilight. He stood deep down in that valley named Love even as I watched from the edge of a cliff. And I fell.