My Mortal :P

Alright! Here goes one more attempt at Karaoke! 😉 Lots of sync issues… This song is so tough because there is not much connection between the song and the track!!!

My Immortal by Evanescence.

Warning: Not for the mild-hearted. Please press round pink button if you have any epileptic fits. Any remote resemblence to the original song is pure coincidence. 😛


4 thoughts on “My Mortal :P

  1. M: comment there

    Ankur: i commented here

    M: 😦

    Ankur: why u need tht there?

    M: coz am a show off

    Ankur: 😦
    it aint me babe

    M: :((

    Ankur: hv u heard joan baez?

    M: comment comment comment
    stamps ground
    rolls on the floor

    Ankur: and?

    M: commmmmmmmmmmmmment

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